Expert predict that cyber criminals will be using machine learning and artificial intelligence to deploy threat after threat. Cyber security professionals need to catch up fast and start implementing the use of AI.

However, when removed from the view of an arms race, AI has tremendous benefits it can give to the field of cyber security as a whole. Here are five of them.

1. Artificial Intelligence will allow systems to adapt to newer and newer threats.

Since malware continually evolve, so must the solution match the threat. By using an AI with machine learning, a system will have an ally that can also evolve according to the new attack patterns. This way every attack is met with a responsive and credible defense at every turn.

2. Artificial Intelligence will give precise threat levels to emerging malicious applications.

The problem with the current identification or scanning technologies is they can still be inaccurate in assessing the kind of damage a threat can do. There should be a more reliable way to categorize a threat and an AI with its ability to scan massive amounts of data and identify patterns will be useful in this regard.

3. AI can fill in the shortfall of cyber security personnel.

Although AI will not replace cyber security professionals, they will be able to work massive amounts of tasks to the point that only the essential, more complicated work will remain. This will allow companies to improve their cyber security while there’s a shortage of cyber security experts.

4. AI will free up the hands of cyber security experts for other tasks.

This is in relation to filling for the dearth in cyber security professionals. AI will be able to perform the menial tasks like scanning network logs instead of having a human cyber security professional do it. The cyber security professional can do more complex tasks that require more thought and judgment instead.

5. Artificial Intelligence will increase efficiency of cyber security teams in handling threats.

An AI will do everything by the book so it will handle threats much more efficiently and reduce human error. However, an AI is an augmentation and not a replacement for human experts. Using both in tandem will make cyber security teams better.

Artificial Intelligence is set to make a splash in many industries the world over. Their advancement leaves many experts raising alarms on how they will eventually take over and reduce humans to the level of house pets. People should keep in mind that AI is a tool and although it can be used for hacking and cyber warfare, it can also be used for good. Cyber security should be a priority for its use in that area.

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