Is The Antitrust Lawsuit Against AV Vendors Good For Security?

Each major antivirus vendor has their own malware researchers, antivirus signatures, heuristics, and proprietary malware detection technologies. Malware is now a greater problem than ever before—for enterprises, consumers, and organizations large and small. When it comes to detecting known malware and increasingly sophisticated zero-day attacks, each vendor tries to stay ahead of the game. The rise

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Spotlight On The Fourteen Eyes And Their Brazen World Vision

With our eyes, we see the world. We can watch the birds, the ocean, the moon. Sight is powerful and gives us the ability to enjoy the vastness of our surroundings and the beauty of what exists outside ourselves. But our eyes can also be used to study the movements around us, gathering more information

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Why Australia Is Sick And Tired Of No Young Cybersecurity Professionals

Similar to Japan, Australia is one of the few countries with a growing elderly population—and even though both economies are stable and strong, this reality will soon need some attention. For Australians, one of the biggest threats to their future is the lack of younger, skilled cybersecurity professionals who can uphold industry best practices. The

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