Death And Passwords: When You Don’t Have A Digital Estate Plan

Estate planning is about setting your affairs in order, making your final wishes known—and from an execution perspective, making it easier for your family to settle obligations and distribute your possessions after you’re gone. Sure, a lot of people don’t like to think, let alone talk, about the possibility of an untimely death, but the

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Spotlight On 1984, The Year Apple Honored Orwell With Technology

Some people would say the first real glimpses into our future as a totalitarian state, where the Thought Police and rampant surveillance have become the rule rather than the exception, came in the form of George Orwell’s novel 1984. As the main character, Winston, moves throughout his days, at home and at work, he is

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Take A Look At Why Your Cybersecurity Is So Critical

The Canadian federal government recently rolled out a new cybersecurity plan that upgrades the first iteration that was released way back in 2010. Canada’s newly released cybersecurity plan aims to deliver better protection to the country, particularly its citizens and local businesses, against rapidly growing online security threats. But cybercriminals don’t just initiate attacks on

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