penetration testing

Mimikatz: A Deeper Look At Blackhat And Whitehat Hackers’ Shared Tool

There is a thin line that separates black hat hackers (malicious hackers) and white hat hackers (ethical hackers), both possess skills that can harm networks, systems, and computers if they wish to do so. The good thing is ethical hackers helps lessen the chances that blackhat hackers become successful with their campaigns. They do this

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CISO’s Role For Cybersecurity Readiness, Highlighted By Cisco

We are in the paradigm shift when the majority of companies, slowly but surely embracing cloud computing and cloud apps platforms. Cisco’s CISO Benchmark Study 2019 is a global survey participated and represented by 18 countries with 3,200 participants, majority of whom are leaders in the IT field, across many industries from SMEs to multinational

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