IoT Devices

Cyberattacks Against IoT Devices on the Rise

Cyber attacks targeting IoT (Internet-of-Things) devices are rapidly increasing, as more people and organizations deploy them. IoT devices that are connected to the Internet but do not have a password set, or are often operated with the initial settings, are likely candidates to be targeted next. Various incidents have already occurred, some of which were

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Securing IoT Devices against Increasing Cyber Threats

Artificial intelligence (AI), and most people must have heard about it. AI enables people to have a great online experience, and it is the engine behind cyber technology. Delivering automated services, and more personalized engagement with brands and providers. It also protects people online, detecting threats in real time and preventing cyber attacks. AI is

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Cybersecurity Tips for Protecting Organizations in 2019

The world of cybercrime is changing fast; it’s ever-evolving. As we step into the new year, we need to discuss things that need to be done, to ensure better cybersecurity, for individuals, for organizations and businesses. In this piece, we discuss some basic tips that could help organizations protect themselves against cyberattacks in 2019. Here

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