Internet Security

User Resistance to UI Changes In Browsers Intensifies Recently

Mozilla Firefox underwent a massive UI change seven versions ago in Firefox 57 under the code name Quantum, its community is divided, but mostly accepted the changes as it provides speed. Google followed Mozilla’s footsteps, as it initiated a UI overhaul for Chrome in version 69 last September. However, compared to Firefox which is lagging

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Is The Right To Internet Access Really Just A Privilege?

Since the creation of the internet, the question of who is allowed to do what and to whom has been an ongoing issue—much like the real world itself. With more than three billion people signing on each day, the world’s biggest public network has come to symbolize the struggle for regulation and the need for

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Thanks To Firefox For The Improved Browsing Experience

Firefox is now different and better. Last year, Mozilla released Quantum which is a new version. Mozilla stated that the innovated Firefox uses less memory than the competitor. It means you can open lots of tabs and browsing will still run smoothly. It brilliantly designed and quick. What Does Firefox Have to Offer? Firefox distinctively

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