Information Security

Huawei Refutes NCISA’s Cyber Espionage Accusations

The Czech National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NCISA) has accused Huawei, a Chinese telecom company and mobile phone vendor for being under the command of Beijing to conduct cyber espionage. NCISA claims that the use Huawei devices compromise one’s user privacy, especially due to strong ties of Chinese companies with the Beijing regime. “China’s

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STIX And TAXII: Know How To Speak The Innovative Language

Drop the terms “STIX” and “TAXII” into general conversation at the dinner table, and it’s likely the kids will think you’re talking about a nature project, while the adults will be ordering you an Uber home to sleep it off. But in a different environment—say, across a boardroom table of IT executives or cybersecurity specialists,

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Do You Know How Women In Information Security Are Doing?

It’s no secret—women working in the cybersecurity industry spend their time in a male-dominated world, having to figure out and explain how computer technology can be used to do harm or how it can otherwise go wrong. Industry experts have suggested that being an effective cybersecurity practitioner requires a certain mindset. Not only is it

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