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Why 13 Is A Frightening Number For Android Apps

The number 13 is typically a unlucky number for most people in the Western world. Many apartment buildings and office towers skip the number altogether, jumping straight from floor 12 to floor 14. There’s even a recognized phobia for the number known as triskaidekaphobia! No other numbers have fancy Greek-named phobias that are officially recognized

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Malicious Malware Now Found Lurking In The Google Play Store

Palo Alto Networks, a network enterprise security firm, has now discovered at least 145 apps in the Google Play Store are embedded with Windows-based malware. These apps remain functional when installed in an Android device, and their Windows executable malware does not run in the Android ART environment. However, experts predict certain Android app developers

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Five Android Antivirus Apps vs Google’s Own Antivirus Solution

Android has been on the market since 2008, and this year 2018 marks a decade of dominance in the world of mobile platforms. As part of being dominant in the mobile computing market comes the reciprocal risk of being targeted by cybercriminals. Android, due to its open platform nature enables users the capability to install

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