Enterprise Security

Discussing Data Culture Development Within an Organization

Every organization today needs to develop a data culture, one that would pervade the whole of the organization and touch every single member within the organizational set-up. This is because we are living in a world where organizations are basically data-driven. Hence there is an absolute need to develop a data culture, with focus on

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How to Protect Mid-Tier Enterprises from Cyberattacks in 2019

The new year has begun; here comes another New Year Special from The Threat Report. Today, we take a look at how mid-tier enterprises can protect themselves from all kinds of cyberattacks- known as well as unknown ones. 2018 saw mid-tier enterprises facing lots of cybersecurity challenges, with hackers seeking to exploit all kinds of

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Here’s Why CIOs Worry More About Ransomware Than Inside Jobs

According to a recent study, about 72% of all Chief Information Officers (CIOs) believe corporate extortion is the number one security threat facing organizations today. This is the result of a survey conducted by Logicalis Ireland, an IT solutions firm, which covered 890 CIOs from 23 countries in the world. CIOs are very aware of

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