Why Edward Snowden Is The Greatest Snitch Of All Time

Remember what they said in school? “Nobody likes a tattletale.” This old adage is especially true for the U.S. government who depends on secrecy to operate. Things just work a whole lot better when everyone knows exactly what they should, and no one asks any difficult questions. The government claims to protect its citizens—and sometimes

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All You Need To Know About Gathering Intelligence On The Dark Web

Accessing the darknet is not something an ordinary internet user is keen on doing. While one wrong click on the clearnet likely won’t cause much harm, this same action on the darknet can land users in some truly deplorable environments—and potentially in real hot water. Because it is composed on unindexed web pages accessible only through

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How To Defend Yourself From New Cryptocurrency Malware

New malware have been discovered in the cryptocurrency world. Based from a blog post by Radware, reports about a discovery by cybersecurity researchers. Cybercriminals are able to abuse a Chrome plugin named “Nigelify” with a malware code in order to steal personal information and secretly mine cryptocurrency. The Chrome extension is able to bypass Google’s

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