How to Ensure Protection Against Phishing Attacks

In today’s world, everyone needs to understand the dangers of phishing attacks. Every single individual who uses the internet in one way or the other needs to know how to ensure protection against phishing attacks. What is Phishing? Almost every one of us is targeted by phishing attacks regularly. Phishing attacks comprise sending fraudulent communication,

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Big Corporation Gets Ransomware—Is Lack Of Caution To Blame?

It’s really terrible when an ordinary person gets hit by ransomware. Our daily lives have become dependent on our use of PCs and mobile smartphones—especially those iPhones. Imagine checking your prized device for the most recent update on your life, your work, your emails, your socials, your images, your contacts, your financial details, your calendar,

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Why Artificial Intelligence Will Never Turn The Tables On Man

Overview The terms Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are among the hottest buzzwords in today’s digital world. As the development and implementation of these technologies grow, their place in our lives continues to be an ongoing source of discussion and even heavier debate. Will these machines soon replace the need for software developers, programmers,

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