Cybersecurity Tips for Protecting Organizations in 2019

The world of cybercrime is changing fast; it’s ever-evolving. As we step into the new year, we need to discuss things that need to be done, to ensure better cybersecurity, for individuals, for organizations and businesses. In this piece, we discuss some basic tips that could help organizations protect themselves against cyberattacks in 2019. Here

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This Is Why Cryptocurrencies Will Always Be Unicorns

It’s rare to find crossover between the mythological world and the business one, so when it happens—you know something big is happening. Throughout ancient history, the image of the unicorn has been one of elegance, mystery, and deep spiritual importance. As a horse-like creature with one magnificent horn, the legend of the unicorn has come

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Death And Passwords: When You Don’t Have A Digital Estate Plan

Estate planning is about setting your affairs in order, making your final wishes known—and from an execution perspective, making it easier for your family to settle obligations and distribute your possessions after you’re gone. Sure, a lot of people don’t like to think, let alone talk, about the possibility of an untimely death, but the

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