Is The Antitrust Lawsuit Against AV Vendors Good For Security?

Each major antivirus vendor has their own malware researchers, antivirus signatures, heuristics, and proprietary malware detection technologies. Malware is now a greater problem than ever before—for enterprises, consumers, and organizations large and small. When it comes to detecting known malware and increasingly sophisticated zero-day attacks, each vendor tries to stay ahead of the game. The rise

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Here’s The Right Mindset Against Ransomware

Businesses of all sizes have been investing in security software and fundamental cybersecurity infrastructure for decades. The antivirus industry has grown into a huge industry on its own from its humble beginnings of just being a small utility a user can optionally be bought and came with a floppy disk media. In fact, the very

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Five Android Antivirus Apps vs Google’s Own Antivirus Solution

Android has been on the market since 2008, and this year 2018 marks a decade of dominance in the world of mobile platforms. As part of being dominant in the mobile computing market comes the reciprocal risk of being targeted by cybercriminals. Android, due to its open platform nature enables users the capability to install

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