How Useful Artificial Intelligence for Operations Will Be?

A huge portion of the typical labor force today will be replaced by artificial intelligence. It is not a question of if, but of when, by that time people needs to see new possibilities to focus on such as creative work, the arts and other aspect of human interest that AI will never able to

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Better IT Security with AI

Today IT security teams are finding it hard to figure out what is an actual threat and what isn’t. The complex network environments have massive data coming in, IT and Artificial intelligence (AI) will help ally to find genuine risk in the midst of all the data if applied correctly. People do things with their

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Is Your Smart Device Spying on You?

Who are “they” anyway? This perennial question has been asked for decades—and now that we have reached the 21st century, the question has taken on new meaning. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and mainstream consumer access, the new question is not if someone is listening, but who is listening and what are they

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