Phishing Attacks

Phone Call-Based Spear Phishing: Bank of America Alerted

The Better Business Bureau has warned banks, especially Bank of America and their depositors/creditors to be alert of a new phishing attack using a newer social engineering technique. Some victims of the new phishing attack suddenly realized that their bank accounts were totally wiped-out of funds, even without remembering if she gave her banking information

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Chinese Scammers Use Social Engineering to Swindle $18.6M

Fraud transaction through clever social engineering enabled Chinese phishers in successfully swindling an estimated $18.6 million from Tecnimont SpA’s Indian branch. With a cleverly written email that heavily resembles Pierrorberto Folgiero’s (the company’s Group CEO) was sent to Tecnimont Pvt Ltd, the phishers were able to persuade decision makers in the company’s India office to

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