Mobile Security

Android Phone as Physical Security Key for Google Accounts

Great news indeed! Google has come up with a new advanced two-factor authentication method that would help you secure your Google accounts using your Android phone as a physical security key. This new advanced two-factor authentication method secures Google accounts when users log in using the Chrome browser. This service can be used on Android

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Android Q’s Deep Press, an iPhone 3d Touch Clone

We are in the day and age that both Android and iOS are both copying each other’s features, which is not a big deal given how both platforms are already in their maturity stage. Google has decided to silently implement a feature that resembles 3d touch in iPhones, they call it the “Deep Press”, which

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4 Ways To Keep Your Mobile Device Secure

How to Secure Your Mobile Device? Mobile devices outnumbered laptops and desktops in use today, that is why it is very important for everyone to treat them with utmost care, and a reasonable level of skepticism when using it for online transactions. The smartphone is the most personal computer of all personal computer, it is

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