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Experts Warn: Destructive Ransomware Is Headed This Way

Ransomware nowadays might seem to be silent, but it is still around, and more attacks using the file-encrypting malware are just waiting for the right timing. Famous malware like WannaCry,NotPetya and Bad Rabbit made ransomware out of limelight. WannaCry and NotPetya are both associated to be the work of nation states -former North Korea and

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Bet You Don’t Know How Autorun Can Save You From Ransomware

Horror fanatics know the consequences of an encounter with the evil doll Annabelle. People should similarly beware of the same-named ransomware, which possesses a bunch of evil tricks to wreak havoc on the computer. The developers of this ransomware want to showcase their programming skills. Though it is easily decryptable, this ransomware can prove it’s

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How Vulnerable To Ransomware Are State Computers Anyway?

State agencies are not exempt from cyberattacks in the form of a ransomware virus. Just look at all the government agencies who have been messed with, compromised and downright hijacked. How Cybercriminals Attack Cybercriminals use multiple methods to attack and infect computers with a virus. The most common is is a phishing attack, where the hacker sends

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