The Cybersecurity Risks Of Engaging With Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency and the rise crypto-economy have become all the rage in the last 5 years, especially those speculators that are in it for one-time, big-time possibilities. People who even lack enough knowledge about the technology jumped into the bandwagon, and the .com bubble of the late 90s and early 2000s made a repeat. Cryptocurrency exchanges

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Belgian Cryptocurrency Scam Blacklisted 113 Dubious Domains

As reported in the nextweb dot com., FSMA, The Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority has found a fresh batch of cryptocurrency scams. It has added a swathe of new sites to its blockchain blacklist, expanding it to 113 dodgy domains. In a special warning to local investors, FSMA declared it prudent for Belgians to

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Opera Has Built-in Cryptocurrency Wallet in Android Browser

The Norwegian-developed Web browser Opera has been competing with Internet Explorer since the 1990s, and then it was followed by the new-gen browser like Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, and other. Nevertheless, today Opera has more users than Internet Explorer. This week at the Hard Fork Decentralized event in London, UK, Opera announced, how it has a

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